A peek at the city of St Petersburg, Russia

I think I will always have an affinity towards shooting weddings and portraits, but once in a while, I like to fulfill my creative cravings by shooting other genres in photography as well.

I was given the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of St Petersburg in Russia and decided to make it into a challenge for myself to do something different and new.

My project required lots of patience, time, and a little bit of luck because what I wanted to do consisted of photos, videos, timelapses and hyperlapses. In case you’re not familiar with the photography jargon, a timelapse is a series of continuous photos taken of the same subject matter over a period of time (for example 5-10 minutes) to show movement when the photos are compiled into a video. A hyperlapse is similar to a timelapse and goes a step further by physically moving the camera’s position between each frame taken. Everything in this video was shot using my Sony A7RII and DJI Osmo.

I am pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and rich in history St Petersburg is. Many buildings and structures have been built since the 1700-1800 and feature a significance or a milestone in the city’s achievement. Weather wise, although it’s in the middle of summer, temperatures dropping to single digits on some days made it feel like winter haha…

I hope I manage to give you a peek at how gorgeous this city is in my 4 minute video below. Enjoy!









The city of St Petersburg, Russia by Ooi Eric Studio from Ooi Eric Studio


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