WPPM Conference 2011

WPPM Conference 2011

So the WPPM (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia) Conference 2011 came and went. It was held in Segi College Kota Damansara this year and we had photography heavy weights Rocco Ancora and Daniel Capobianco (no pun intended on the “heavy weight” there Daniel hehe…) joining us as guest speakers.

It was a four-day event this year, with the first day dedicated to the opening of the event and the live print judging. To many participants, the live print judging was the highlight of the event because everyone had the invaluable chance to listen to the constructive critiques given by the judges. As photographers, what better way is there for us to learn and to grow but to have our work evaluated by industry leaders? One of the comments that kept arising during the live judging was how some participants of the print competition have overworked their images with post production. As Daniel Capobianco puts it, “learn and master Photoshop, and use less of it”. Indeed less is more. Simplicity rocks!

The second, third, and fourth day of the conference was jam-packed with classes and live shoots. Needless to say, everyone in the conference, from the committee members to the participants, to the trade partners, were busy running around all the time. There was just so much knowledge being imparted by the many speakers in a very little short span of time.

Yours truly had a chance to step up to the plate as well as a guest speaker on the fourth day of the conference. My topic was “Creating your best presentation” and I shared with the audience on how I embarked on photography, the style of shooting that I love, how to present your photos on slideshows and the music that goes with it, and my most recent body of work. I also managed to touch base on wedding photography and showed a couple of slideshows with my favourite photos.

The fourth day of the conference also saw the closing of the conference and awards ceremony for the print competition. To top it all off, the conference ended with a dance-off among the committee members and then the guest speakers in the auditorium. What a night to remember 🙂

In retrospect, I really gotta say that I had a blast giving my talk in the auditorium, meeting new people, reuniting with old mates, and doing the dance off on the stage. However, the most significant thing that I take away from the conference is a sense of direction and the determination to work even harder than before, not just in photography, but in all aspects of life. Cheers 🙂


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