Prewedding in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Indonesia is a wonderfully beautiful place as a prewedding destination as well as a holiday retreat. From the rich history of the Borobudur and Prambanan temples to the breathtaking views at Parangtritis beach and the volcanic mountains, Yogyakarta (or Jogja as the locals call it) offers fantastic photography oppotunities.

I had the pleasure of visiting Yogyakarta with Ee Han and Alishel to do a set of portrait photos for them. Ee Han absolutely adores Alishel and it’s evident in her eyes that she feels the same way towards him.

We stayed for 5 days in Yogyakarta but it felt more like 5 hours only. Time passed by so quickly, but I’m really glad that we came home with a lot of amazing shots!

The amazing landscape:


yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 2

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 3

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 5

Ee Han & Alishel:

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 11

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 6

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 1

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 7

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 8

yogyakarta-indonesia-prewedding-international-destination-photographer-ooi-eric-studio 10

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