Shamns & Kingson

Shamns & Kingson – 2 individuals as unique as their names would suggest! I’ve known Shamns before she engaged me as her wedding photographer as I have worked together with her on a commercial photo shoot earlier this year. It’s always nice to meet dynamic and creative people whom you get along with, and that was how Shamns and I trusted each other as fellow creatives in the industry. Kingson on the other hand, is a person with a fun spirit and who loves his parents dearly. Even though the couple was really busy with their work projects before the wedding day, I think they did a great job in planning a simple wedding day ceremony in Kingson’s hometown, Segamat.

It was my first time driving down to Segamat and after the 3-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur, we were warmly greeted by the couple and Kingson’s family who welcomed us with a sumptuous dinner. The warmth continued throughout our stay there as one of Kingson’s friends, Aaron, was the groom of a wedding I had shot 3 years ago. Aaron made sure we were always taken care of and brought us to a couple of places in Segamat for awesome coffee, roti bakar (toast), and drinks. Thanks Aaron!

Lead photographer & art direction: Eric
Assisted by: James
Venue: Segamat, Johor
Wedding gown: Aspial Weddings
Wedding shoes: Christy Ng













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